Fringe, S04E12 “Welcome to Westfield”

Oh my god, he actually blinks and moves his mouth. I didn’t notice this before. 

Now I’m freaked out all over again. But honestly the hand to the window scene freaks me out more. 

I don’t think Fringe had ever made me want to throw up more before that episode. 

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OHMYGOD, REALIZATION. Welcome To Westfield Spoiler/Speculation.


Ok, so, we already know the “S” rated section of the episode, unless the writers put in more.


Ok, Anyway we also know that the ending is “deliriously romantic”.


What if something with Polivia happens?

Maybe she tells him about her dreams (not with all the details tho.)

Or they kiss!

THIS. Because the Chandler gif pulls it all together. 

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