True story.


Interview with Josh Radnor, talking about his experience working with his co-stars on his new movie Liberal Arts at Sundance!

I love watching his interviews.. he just seems so happy all the time and fun to be around. :D

He’s such a cutie. <3 I’m surprised that Zac Efron is in it though. :/

The Bang Bang Song from How I Met Your Mother. 

Besides being completely catchy (I seriously want to sing this to my friends, but none of them are really attached at the moment…. I’ll bide my time), the best parts of the sequence of events is when:

  1. Marshall says “sexually.
  2. Ted jumps right in with Marshall singing the song. With finger guns and everything. 
  3. Barney joins in with the addition of spoons and harmony. 
  4. In the final part, Marshall pulls a banjo out of nowhere and accompanies Robin and the gang as they all sing about her conquest and dance. 

I can only hope I will be able to brag about such things with my friends in such a song. 

I ship Ted and Barney. 

When they agreed to be parents together in 7.11 Rebound Girl, I flipped. 

Barney: “You know what would kick ass?” 

Ted: “Being gay?”

Barney: “Being gay would kick ass.” 

Now I know NPH is gay in real life- which makes the whole scene even funnier- however, Ted and Barney were discussing this. Together. 

Be still my beating heart. 

Well at least I think he was. I don’t remember the dream too clearly. However I am certain that he wasn’t in it the way I would have liked him to be in it.

Josh Radnor is a hottie and there is nothing anyone can say that will make me think otherwise. He just seems like such a sweetheart. And he’s attractive. And I just… unf. 

Anyway, back to the dream. We were walking somewhere and I remember him saying  ”it’s a major _________”. So me- being the total nerd, even in my sleep- saluted and said Major _________ right back. (I don’t remember what he said. At this point I’m lucky that I remembered I had a dream at all.) 

When I dream, I never dream about things I like. At times I’ve even tried to think about Peter Bishop right before I go to sleep in hopes that I’ll dream of him that night. (It’s Peter Bishop guys. Who wouldn’t want Peter Bishop in their dreams? Doing… ahem… things.) Usually this does not work out in my favour. 

So the fact that I dreamed of Ted last night has to mean something. It wasn’t a sexual dream or anything (though it would have been okay if it had been), it was just the two of us walking and enjoying each other’s company. Man this is making me come across as really sad and desperate. Though that’s probably true, I liked it. 

I think, deep down, I truly, honest to god, want a guy like Ted. I know I drool over guys like Joshua Jackson, Nathan Fillion, and Zachary Levi because they portray characters that are good guys but have that streak of badassness to them. But Josh Radnor’s character (and Josh himself) are genuinely sweet. Not that the actors listed above nor their characters aren’t either- there’s just something achievable about Ted. Or at least I would like to believe I could have a guy like him. I realize he’s a TV character so of course the writers can make him perfect. I mean they made his character ‘flaws’ so damn adorable. 

And it would be awesome to find a guy who just wants to fall in love, meet a girl, and start a family. Plus, he treats each girl he’s interested in properly. TV why must you create PERFECTION. Ted is such a hopeless romantic- that probably never happens in real life. I’m secretly one myself.

Yet sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes because something was too fluffy and/or cute. So when I claim I want a guy like Ted, I’m worried that maybe I’m just a total hypocrite and wouldn’t know that the guy in front of me is the exact thing I claimed to want. (Not that anything like that has happened, or ever would.)

Oh internet, your anonymity makes it easier to believe you don’t judge me and/or people like me. 

Well, I think that’s enough with my psychotic ramblings. BACK TO STUDYING. 2 more finals. I WILL KICK THEIR ASSES. 

I’m currently in the middle of watching How I Met Your Mother and I simply had to get this out there.

Barney just went through a break up

Barney: I’m not gonna do something crazy. 

Future Ted: Don’t worry he’s gonna do something crazy.

Barney: You know, I don’t think I even like girls.

Me: Hold on a second.

Barney: Now I’m worried that you’re going to do something crazy.

Ted: I’m not gonna do something crazy.

Future Ted: Don’t worry, I’m gonna do something crazy. 

Me: This can only mean one thing. Ted and Barney are going to do some ‘experimenting’ and nothing will ever be the same between them. <3

*Edit: OMG. They might actually experiment being gay with each other. Holy sh*t. 

**Edit2: Never mind. False alarm. Musta been fun acting that out though. xD Love you NPH! <3

***Edit3: Ted + Barney mock relationship is making my night!

LOL That’s at least what I’m hoping for, anyway. 

Once I’ve finished this episode of HIMYM, I will have completed my third day of fawning over the spectacular-ness that is Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.

I mean seriously, I can’t stress the fact that I am head over heels in love with Dr. Horrible. I just… uuuunnnf. So, of course after seeing that 3 times I had to watch something new with NPH in it.

Nathan Fillion on the other hand. God damn that man is hot! I mean seriously. I have watched 13 of the 14 episodes of Firefly and I want a man like Captain Mal Reynolds in my life. Mal’s strong, caring, tough. And when he falls for someone, he falls hard. And Nathan brings that character to life so perfectly.

Now because I’m only 1 episode away from the end of Firefly, I don’t want to watch it. I just can’t believe that the show only ran 14 episodes. I was 10 at the time the show aired but I still kick myself for not watching it then. What the hell was Fox smoking? If only Firefly had started up now, I have no doubt that the fans on the internet would keep it alive. Hell, it’s still alive now. But alas, no new episodes.

Anyway, to fill my Captain Mal void I watched Castle tonight instead. I LOVED the character of Richard Castle last week. However, after marathoning Firefly, I feel as though Nathan Fillion is wasting his potential. I just LOVE him in Firefly.

I really want to see Serenity. But in order to do that I must watch the 14th episode of Firefly. But I don’t want to do that. I DON’T WANT TO ADMIT THAT ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS I HAVE EVER SEEN ONLY HAD 14 EPISODES.


Okay I’m gonna finish watching HIMYM but I have a strange inkling that I’m gonna go to bed feeling unsatisfied. Over a lot of things.