Now when I say firsts I mean television wise. That’s right. My life doesn’t really exist outside of television. 

This year I discovered wonderful things that now occupy my list of favourite things. 

  • Arrested Development- On a whim I decided to start the series. And I was not disappointed. (Currently the phrase “For British Eyes Only” is going round and round in my head. 
  • Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog- Through a subscription on Facebook, a guy from collegehumor posted a link to the Huffington Post about an article on the second movie for Dr. Horrible. I had no idea what it was and spent the next 40 or so minutes watching the thing. And I achieved a new appreciation for Neil Patrick Harris and fell in love with Nathan Fillion. 
  • Firefly- I started watching this because someone commented on a comment I made on that same article and recommend it that I gave it a try. Plus, they said their side had cookies. So, as I never refuse the opportunity for baked goods, I gave it a try. And I fell even harder for Nathan Fillion. 
  • Serenity- of course the next logical step was to watch the film which wrapped up this tragically short series. In a span of 3 days I experienced joy, anger, shock, and then sadness. This sadness has yet to go away upon finishing Serenity. 
  • Castle- And of course after divulging in days of Nathan Fillion, I had to watch Castle. So from another recommendation from reliable sources (I believe this time on tumblr), I began to watch Castle. Within two weeks I had caught up on this season. And I am still in love with Nathan Fillion. Is there anything the man can’t pull off? Even though I definitely can see the parallels between this show and Bones, Castle pulls of the tension better. And I’m sure when Beckett and Castle DO get together, they will do it properly instead of what happened on Bones just so they can co-ordinate the show’s story line with Deschanel’s pregnancy. (I mean look and Parks and Rec. Just because Amy Poehler was preggers didn’t mean that the writers took the opportunity for Leslie and Ben to get into a committed relationship by making Leslie pregnant. They took measures to cover that baby bump.)

Honourable mention: How I Met Your Mother. Thanks to NPH, HIMYM is now one of my favourite shows. He got me to focus on that show more seriously, and recognize its greatness. It was always enjoyable for me to watch before this semester, however I didn’t really focus on it before. (This season has been so sad! I just want Barney and Robin to be happy. Together. Sort this shit out already!!!) 

Also I know that people are comparing HIMYM to Friends, and they’re right. That show IS like Friends. The show has even pointed that out. In the episode where Barney is teaching Marshall to pick up girls in bars, they go to a coffee shop at the beginning of the episode. Barney says: Hanging out in a coffee shop is not as fun as hanging out in a bar. A clear reference to Friends. Plus, in the flashback where we find out that Barney used to be a hippie, he used to play the keyboard in a coffee shop as well. 

So it’s no surprise that HIMYM can considered to be the new Friends. I believe that every generation should have a show that majority of people enjoy watching. Friends was that in the 90s. And HIMYM is that for the new generation. And it works. There’s no need to complain about it. I enjoy the fact that there is a new “Friends”. (So NBC, there’s no need to try and find another Friends. CBS is all over that.) 

I’ve also recognized a pattern in my ABSOLUTELY FAVOURITE SHOWS OF ALL TIME. They all get cancelled (or are threatened of being cancelled). 

  • Fringe- ratings are super low, yet the story lines are fantastic. It makes people who watch it realize how little thought are put into other TV shows. (I desperately need this not to be cancelled.) And I hate the fact that people are calling season 4 boring. Only 7 episodes have aired. Like, seriously, give the show a fucking break. OH WAIT. Fox already did that. For two months. 
  • Community- ratings are low, which NBC took to mean to put this show on hiatus and not tell anyone when, yet another, great TV will be back on the air. 
  • Arrested Development- this show was always on the bubble when it aired. I was too young at the time to fully appreciate it so of course I never watched. However, since I’ve taken the time to watch it now, it’s definitely in my top ten. (But at least it’s being revived!!)
  • Firefly- Ten years later and people are STILL wanting the show to come back on the air, despite the fact that the main actors have moved on to different jobs. I agree with those people. I would LOVE for Captain Reynolds to return. Except I don’t know how it would work out. I mean, Mr. Whedon killed off two characters, who would have brought about fantastic story lines. I just don’t see how it would be possible. Especially since they would have to fight Fox for the rights of the show: the title, the set, etc. 

Anyway, after that incredibly long rant. I’ve let you all know of my favourite shows, and how they all seem to never last. Or I was too late to jump on the wagon. But I just want to leave with one thought. 


I just love this show so much. And how Annie ends up crying.