i mean seriously. 

It all begun with Walter crossing over and back with little Peter, to save him.

It all ended with Walter crossing into the futur with little Micheal to save the world.

It began and ended with Walter crossing worlds to save a son. 

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Oh god. Worst thing to see right now. Realized that I didn’t eat lunch. Normally I don’t do that because I feel insanely hungry and my stomach gets angry with me. But I’m sick so apparently I don’t feel hunger.

Until now.

Nutellaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. My stomach’s gonna yell at me soon because of this. 

Uh yes, just a heads up for anyone who may happen to read this. Actually I have a pretty good idea of who reads this and they already know this (Don’t you?), I recently (yesterday) discovered Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. I don’t know what the hell I was doing two years ago, but it sure as hell wasn’t living. 

That thing is simply amazing, and with my new found love of Castle, I in turn have fallen in love with Nathan Fillion. SO when I found out he was in that WITH Neil Patrick Harris I jumped right in. Two feet, the whole shebang! He acts like such a tool in it, and I crack up every time. And NPH… need I say anything else? Simply adorable in that role. Frick I wish I was male, and gay for that reason. Also NPH would be single in my perfect world- until he’d be with me. LOL 

But the ending! I couldn’t believe that they would end it on such a sad note. SO glad they’re making a sequel though. (Which is how I happened upon such a masterpiece. Plus I was avoiding writing my essay. Which I’m still doing. And it’s due tomorrow.) 

So yes I commented like crazy on the site that I found the article for the sequel and peeps bribing me with cookies convinced me to check out Firefly. I am royally screwed my friends. ROYALLY. F*CKED. 

I’m in love with Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds as well. ALSO watching Dr. Horrible and Castle makes so much more sense now! I totally got references I couldn’t have gotten before. In Dr. Horrible, he’s Captain Hammer - the contrast is HILARIOUS.

Then in a recent episode of Castle I watched, Castle randomly started speaking Chinese. Beckett asked where he learned that and he said it was from a TV show he was involved in. I burst out laughing during the pilot episode of Firefly for no reason after making the connection. 

Those moments are rewarding. When you clue in on obscure references (which probably aren’t really so obscure). Makes the countless wasted hours worth it. 

Now back to getting this 2000 word History essay done for tomorrow morning. Dear God. I just want to be watching Firefly. 

Here we go!

(And some shirtless Nathan Fillion for inspiration)

Shirtless Nathan Fillion