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QuestionI'm 90% sure that popsicle stick is photoshopped text. Just to restore a small amount of your faith in humanity. Answer

Oh thank god. Thank you for clarifying that for me. xD I mean, someone still thought they should photoshop this in the first place… but like wow. 

gigi2690 said: *hugs* people suck

Thank you. <3 They really do. I’ve been at every single documentary shoot with our group except for one. And I’ve been at every single fucking story meeting. It’s either me and one group member or me and another group member. And there’s four of us in our group. And one of them shows up once a week for class and my supposed “producer” seems to think that this individual will be able to put together a fucking editorial cut in a fucking day. 

I’m sorry for ranting. I’m just done. 

I’m loving it. Also, totally didn’t know he’s basically a giant I learned that today it blew my mind

Right?!? He’s so fucking tall!!! He’s 6’5” and I know he probably gets that all the time but that’s unbelievably tall. 

And seeing him on ZSIGBF is hilarious because he’s so much taller than anyone else on that show as well. Thank you for accommodating my obsession. xD

thatbrummielass said: What kind of love story do you fancy? Lots of good Netflix films, or there are stories on places like

I’m looking for something so heartachingly sweet it’ll give you a toothache :P I’m sure I can find some decent fics on to help me :)

the-omniscient-narrator said: *hugs* poor baby - go stream About Time with Rachel McAdams. It’s gorgeous. You’ll go to bed feeling satisfied. Promise!

I’ll have to keep that in mind! I’m probably going to crash here pretty soon but this feeling happens often with me. Thank you <3

gigi2690 said: writing, music, youtubing your favourite stand up comedian…just some of my go-tos when that sort of mood strikes me

The problem is Bo Burnham got me into this mood so I probably shouldn’t watch anymore of his stuff. xD I think I might have to take your suggestion and write something of my own to shake this off.

Thank you so much everyone for your suggestions!! Like I mentioned above this happens to me way too much so this is the perfect list of things to try. 

I love you guys. <3

I discovered the best thing ever tonight. double expresso flavoured vodka


that must be the best thing!!!! becaue then you won’t fall asleep when you’re tire from drinking or is it just only flavoured?

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how about, ‘we won’t let our fringe fandom dispand just because the show is off the air, we’ll carry on and keep looking up.’

Yes, that definitely works. <3

etta—bishop replied to your postI’m crying so hard right now. I went to my…

Ugh I just want to give you all a hug so freaking badly. 

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thanks and here I thought i was done crying for the moment

I’m so sorry. if it makes you feel any better I just started crying again by seeing your comment. 

I feel like I need to say something significant. 

Maybe just a thank you? Does that work?

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person that tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people and link them to your post.
Rule 4: Let them know you’ve tagged them.

The questions:

1. The movie you’ve watched more times.

Oooh good question! I’d have to say probably Catch Me If You Can or Die Hard. 

2. 5 favorite tv characters of all times.

(In no particular order)

Peter Bishop - because Joshua Jackson. … And the fact that Peter will do anything for the people he loves. 

Olivia Dunham- First female character I really admired. I liked Brennan from Bones but she always needed Booth (it seemed to me.) But Olivia, she never needed anyone to take care of herself. She’s wanted others but that’s a whole different story. I don’t normally like female characters but in Fringe I like all of them. Olivia the most. 

Jesse Pinkman - Admittedly I started this series last month, but I am in love with this character. He’s just too loyal and trustworthy for his own good and all I want for him is to be happy. We’ll see if that will ever be the case. 

Walter White - I don’t think I’ve ever gone from liking a character so much to hating one this much. Ever. Delightfully conniving sonuvabitch. 

And of course my other favourite Walter - Walter Bishop. He started off Fringe as an old man, a crazy old man. But he’s so complex that it astounds me that John Noble is only acting. 

3. One tv character you’d bring back to life.


4. Name 5 OTPs and the song that you identify them with them most.

Olivia/Peter - Fringe - Changing by the Airborne Toxic Event. I know it was used in season 4 but I listened to this a lot when season 3 was airing. I could imagine the song from Peter’s POV. And Olivia hurt because he didn’t know Fauxlivia wasn’t her. 

Booth/Brennan - Bones - You’re so Real by Matchbox Twenty and Gotta Have You by The Weepies. 

I have plenty of other OTPs but I never really associated songs with them like I did those two. Here are my other pairings though:

Zoe/Wash - Firefly

Danny/Mindy - The Mindy Project

Harvey/Mike - Suits

5. Which one was your first fandom?

Bones. Oh how I loved that show. It lost me when Zach was basically written off the show in the season 3 finale. I watched season 4 and grew more angry that he could be brought back but Sweets was forced to promise not to tell anyone. And the kiss in episode 100 turned me off completely because it changes the entire context of the show. And then they just kind of happened to be together in season 6. I stopped watching in season 5. Sigh. 

6. One movie you can’t wait to be released.

Ugh so many. If it’s only one? The Fringe movie. Oh, a REAL one. Uh probably the next instalment of the Hobbit. I LOVE ME SOME MARTIN FREEMAN. 

7. Last book you read.

Catch Me by Lisa Gardner. It was something light and I finished it in like three days. The one I read before that was George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. Liked the book. Disturbed at the ending. 

8. Most embarrassing moment of your life.

It was a high school math class. I farted. Loudly. It was unexpected for everyone in the room, including myself, and the one teacher that was passing the classroom.

9. One thing (not person) you can’t live without.

Laptop (internet included). Access to TV, music, friends and family. 

10. First thing that comes to your mind at the word “ship”

Pirates. Killian Jones. Yes please.

11. Post your favorite gif from your gif folder.

I don’t have a gif folder (I know, right?) So I attempted to make gifs at one point. I succeeded in making a few. 

and then there’s this:

I don’t even know. 

11 Questions:

1. Favourite type of animal?

2. Top 5 favourite TV shows?

3. What’s the last movie you watched?

4. Favourite novel (or if you prefer fanfiction)?

5. Favourite band - or type of music?

6. Something you’re proud of (something you accomplished)?

7. What’s your favourite past-time?

8. 5 top male actors?

9. 5 top female actors?

10. What’s one thing on your wish list (movie, book, electronics, etc.?

11. What is/was your favourite class in school. 

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Thanks, darling. <3 

Sometimes I need help being reminded that although I feel a certain way, I’m not completely alone. 

Lovely people such as yourself are the perfect reminder. 

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QuestionI know! Doesn't that book candle look amazing! But I looked it up and it was $50... :( Answer


All right, things on my to do list. 

  1. Become rich and famous. Or just rich. 

gigi2690 replied to your post: WHAT.


But seriously, if I was hugged by David Tennant my life would be complete. 

Have I thanked you and thebowlingalley yet for encouraging me to have my heart torn out? 


gigi2690 replied to your post: gigi2690 replied to your post: I told myself I was…

omg… zumbu is intense. I’ve been doing a zumba class for two weeks… ouch.

Right?? I don’t know what I got myself into. But the dancing is pretty fun actually. I can’t believe how much sweat there is after. xD

gigi2690 replied to your post: I told myself I was going to check my tumblr…

you can do it :)

I did do it! Thanks for the encouragement!! :D

Although the DVD player stopped at about 15 minutes in so I had to find a different player and then waited for it to catch up because the remote doesn’t work for that one and then it seemed like the whole thing was taking forever and I was tempted to quit so many times, plus I couldn’t do a few of the dance moves (holy shit they move fast) but then the main instructor took his vest off, and that was really good motivation. 

But yeah, I did it! :D 

I’m doing this 10 day accelerated program, probably shouldn’t have started it without any prior experience to Zumba, and I’m probably not going to follow the menu they have in the booklet, but I am going to try my hardest and follow those DVDs. 

It says you’re supposed to lose a dress or pant size in 10 days. I mean, I probably won’t lose that much, or any but I will feel better about myself! :)

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Questionthe billie piper photoset is from a show called True Love, every episode features a new couple falling in love. Another episode features David Tennant. :) Answer


Oh my god. I totally would love this show. 

And. David. Tennant. 



Yeah. I need to watch that. Stat. 

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QuestionDavies was seasons 1-4, Moffat 5-present. :) Answer



You mean this is the last season he gets to rip my heart out??

Moffat just scares me.

Or at least the ones he’s written for the show has scared me. Like the gasmask children.



Thanks for answering my question, though! :)