This week’s Parenthood was pretty great - which is like a standard for that show

but I think it was because I saw the promo that it spoiled basically all of the important plot points for me

Don’t get me wrong I’m so fucking happy that Sarah and Hank are gonna try again

and Ambre and Ryan’s scene was so heartbreaking - I cried

but there wasn’t a whole lot of drama - just tying up some loose ends

I sincerely hope that it’s renewed for another season because

  • Joel and Julia’s relationship is still up in the air, Joel needs to find out that Julia saw someone else (which I thought was gonna be addressed this episode?)
  • Ambre’s possibly pregnant???
  • The Braverman school needs to get running

There’s just so much more to go on this show I need it to be renewed

I just hate that NBC is so indecisive over renewing this show every single year

WELP. I guess it’s time to watch Parenthood, cry and then sleep!

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oh shit new episode of Parenthood and it’s 1:30 a.m.

time to cry :D

Argh I just want to watch Parenthood so badly

but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stay awake until then

Questionyessss omg I agree completely I never liked Ray Romano either but I love him in this role and the way he connects with max and he and Sarah together is so good in my opinion like do you remember their date and how cute they were!?? I hate that they ended their relationship right when it was starting bc I think it was a good fit for Sarah but apparently Jason Ritter (mark) is coming back for some episodes so I'm reaaaally looking forward to that Answer

YES YES YES Hank was (and I think still is) good for Sarah and Max especially. I like how they introduced Hank. He doesn’t have everything together - much like Sarah - but he still needs to care and provide for his family, but he still struggles (much like how we saw Sarah struggle when Drew and Amber were still in high school). 

YES THEIR DATE. Ugh, so freaking adorable. I’m sad that we didn’t get to see more of how they were together. Like their actual moments of happiness on a lazy Sunday afternoon. They both kind of folded. I think that they maybe rushed things (another thing they both have in common) because Hank was moving but I also think it means a lot that he stayed in town!

Maybe the show is going down the path that Hank was good for Sarah during that particular moment of her life and Hank did get her through something. Hank just understands Sarah. They balance each other out even though they are very similar. They’ve both been through divorces. They both have kids. Hank has been there for Sarah (and the Bravermans) and Sarah has been there for Hank (when dealing with his daughter and his possible Asperger’s). And when Mark left I was devastated because I loved them together. And when Hank was introduced I wasn’t sure I was completely on board but when he started bonding with Max I knew I was done for. And when Sarah had to make a choice between Mark and Hank I was wanting her to stay with Hank, which is something I never thought I would have wanted for Sarah because Jason Ritter is a fucking heartthrob and I love his face!

Hank fit in so well with the Bravermans with all of his awkwardness and everything. I’m sorry, is it apparent that I love Hank??

I’m also really looking forward to Mark’s return!!! Sarah completely broke his heart and yes they were in love but they weren’t quite on the same level. Although it might be different now because Drew and Amber aren’t in school anymore. The kids having to see their young and future step-father really put a toll on Sarah’s and Mark’s relationship. Sidenote: I remember during the Christmas episode before they broke up, the family was skeptical about Mark being in the photos and Sarah was all like, no we’re forever, or something like that and I felt dread. 

sappynewyear said: the new one isn’t sad bc no amber

No, it wasn’t was it? Also I understand that the whole Amber story line is extremely emotionally charged and would probably take the majority of an episode but the fall out of a major breakup like that is kind of important and I find it weird they didn’t address anything about that. No shot of Amber crying in bed or anything. They’re going to address it next episode obviously but I don’t know…

really loved the whole Max/Hank story line. I wasn’t a fan of Ray Romano before Parenthood and now I feel like Hank is quite possibly my favourite character on the show. My family and I have had discussions about Hank quite possibly having Asperger’s as well. His connection with Max is just absolutely adorable. And Hank is so patient with him. I just gaaaaaahhh I got a bit misty-eyed because of the chess scene. I’m still rooting for Hank/Sarah though it looks like that’s not gonna happen. 

Wow this response got out of hand. 

well time to watch Parenthood and probably cry?

I told myself I wasn’t going to cry during tonight’s episode of Parenthood

and I didn’t think I was going to

And then Zeke and Camille started talking 

and Zeke was remembering about all of the things that happened at their house 

and he turned to her and said “This is my third act with you.”

and I broke

oh hey you know what’s a terrible idea at 2:30 a.m.?

Watching Parenthood

prepare for a stupid amount of feels at an extremely vulnerable emotional time


Ray Romano is returning to Parenthood next season

I don’t know why guys but I really like him on Parenthood

Goddamn it. 

Parenthood season finale next week. 

And I want Sarah to be with Hank. I loved Mark, don’t get me wrong but I just feel like Hank is such a better match - he’s been through such similar shit as she has. 

And next week they’re making it this huge decision. 

SPOILER ALERT: Cause Hank’s moving and there’s no way Sarah’s gonna pull Drew out of school in his last year to move to Minnesota, or move away from her family. 

But I don’t want her to not be with Hank. So she’s probably just going to choose neither one because the writers tend to not make important decisions like that. Siiiigh. RAY ROMANO I LOVE YOU ON THIS SHOW. HOOOOOOOW. PLEASE BE A SERIES REGULAR.