Ted finishes telling the story of how he met Tracy. He goes for a walk and he finds himself in front of Tracy’s tombstone. He stares at it for a few minutes and says a few words of love. Then he takes a few steps to the tombstone next to Tracy’s.

Maximilian Dwyer 1982 - 2005.

"Hey, buddy." He says. "Remember me? I came here… Years ago. A year after I met Tracy, actually. And I promised you that I’d take care of her.No matter what happened, I would love and protect her with everything I’ve got." His eyes watered

"And I did. I held her in my arms everytime she cried, like, when her band broke up, when she lost her first job, when we watched that stupid Wedding Bride III movie for the 100th time…" He laughed softly but then got serious.

"When we found out about the cancer, when she started to get weak, when she asked me ‘What if this is the last time I see my kids?’…" A tear rolled down his face.

"And whenever she missed you." He took a deep breath.

"I know that wherever she is, she is watching over us. She is checking if Luke is doing his homework, if Penny isn’t missing any soccer practices, if I’m finishing my projects in time, if Lily and Marshall are taking time for themselves instead of only focusing on work and kids, if Barney and Robin are being a good dad and stepmother to Ellie, if we still find time to reunite the gang at Robots vs. Wrestlers… We do, by the way."

He smiled as tears kept dropping, thinking of how many ups and downs the last years have had. From Barney and Robin’s divorce, Lily and Marshall’s 3rd kid, his and Tracy’s 1st kid, Marshall becoming judge, Barney becoming a parent, saying his vows looking into Tracy’s eyes, Barney and Robin thinking that no one had noticed when they kissed at that New Year’s party, Marvin’s first boyfriend, Tracy getting sick, Barney and Robin having their second wedding in Tracy’s room so she could be a part of it, Tracy’s last words to him, to, finally, deciding to sit his kids down and tell them the journey he had to face to finally be happy.

"But most importantly, I know that wherever Tracy is, she is with you. And that’s why I’m here… Because I can’t be there with her, I have to ask you to take care of her, for me— For us." 

He starred at the tomstone for a while.

"If you could just somehow… Let me know that she’s okay, then maybe I could…" He sighed "Forget it, I’m just— You can’t hear me." He laughed thinking he was being ridiculous "I’m… I’m going home, I guess."

As he turned away, he felt the soft breeze, that passed by him, become a strong wind. And then he was sure that Tracy was just fine.

Ted turned back and said,

"I’ll take that as a yes." He smiled. "This is it, then… Bye, Max."

The end.

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here’s how the finale really went down:

  • in his best man speech ted (finally) called barney his best friend, b/c you can have two best friends seriously, it’s very emotional
  • the gang don’t know when they’ll get to hang out again so there’s lots of hugging and shit and they spout one liners about the importance of friendship and i cry a lot
  • ted goes over to the girl with the yellow umbrella and the bass and that scene was mostly okay so it can stay EXCEPT
  • the mother’s name should Matter right b/c why keep it a secret so long if it wouldn’t sooo her name is leia, like princess leia, and it’s a beautiful counterpoint to ted/stella and it makes sense they called their son luke but didn’t go the whole hog and call the girl leia if that’s the mother’s name — ted says “i’m ted” and she says “i’m…..leia [winces a little]. like the princess, i know.” and ted falls in love on the spot (shout out to kingslayerjaime i am accepting this as canon)
  • barney and robin are in love forever and ever and they’d do anything for each other and yeah it’s hard w/ robin travelling all the time but they make it work, b/c home is wherever they’re together, and wherever the gang’s together
  • although maybe they do settle down a bit eventually, but they absolutely refuse to live in the suburbs (ted and leia try to do a whole bit where they make the suburbs sound Super Cool but they’re both such giant nerds it has the opposite effect)
  • lily definitely doesn’t have three kids, whoa, it’s hard enough juggling two kids w/ her emerging art career — she curates at an art gallery when they come back from rome, it’s pretty sweet, and eventually her own paintings start to sell
  • marshall’s life is pretty sweet idk he doesn’t like corporate law but eventually he becomes a judge and stuff yeah marshall u can stay
  • leia teaches ted what it really means to Love someone, and he realises that he was never really in love with robin, not how robin and barney were in love, but he loves leia with everything in him but in a healthy and happy way and she has to let go of max, too, and ted isn’t max but she’s starting to believe that maybe there is more than one person out there for everybody, and that maybe it;s okay to be happy — maybe she’s meant to be happy
  • leia does die b/c there were a lot of hints leading to that and it’s super sad but ted is by her side all through treatment and he can’t deal with it at all, can’t accept that he’s spent so long waiting for her only for her to be taken from him, and leia tells him about max, the other love of her life, and ted learns that even though it hurts so so much he’s so lucky to have had leia at all, his soulmate, his other half, the girl who gets his stupid fucking jokes and drives out of her way to go to roadside attractions, and sometimes it’s hard b/c it’s hard to grow old together but they grow //together// and she sings him la vie en rose and he cries
  • and when she’s dying leia takes ted’s hand and says “tell them how you met me. the long version. how robin and barney fell in love, b/c that’s where it really starts, right? tell them about my umbrella and about all the crazy stuff barney did. about marshall and lily growing up. tell them about the gang and how i somehow managed to needle my way in.” and ted starts crying (omg ted stop crying) and says, “you didn’t needle your way in, you were always part of the gang, we were just waiting for you. i was waiting for you.”
  • and ted sits penny and luke down and says “kids, this is the story of how i met your mother.”
  • and at the end luke and penny look at each other and luke says “what was that about the pineapple?” and ted says they never found out where it came from and penny says “weird, mom told us a story about a pineapple once —” (b/c you know leia is just as much of a storyteller as ted is)
  • the mother was there
  • she was the one that gave him the pineapple
  • and that kids, is the story of how i met your mother

The show was about finding more than one love, right? Moving on. The show was about finding the kids’ mother - in the pilot episode we know it’s not Robin, we know it’s not going to work out. So while I liked seeing Ted and Robin together for awhile, I knew it wasn’t going to last. So I understood that it was going to take Ted awhile to move on from Robin but I knew there was more ahead for him. 

And we get these hints that the mother is perfect for Ted. Soulmates. And their lives intersected so many times. It was kismet. Lily even said it - she was different. She loved that Ted came on too strong. She loved everything about him. And he loved everything about her. The end cheapened this love. Yes, it was six years since she passed but to us it wasn’t. It just looked like Ted never moved on from Robin. She was constantly in the back of his mind. 

Again, if we want to keep with the theme of moving on - then maybe - MAYBE - I would accept this finale. But please let me mourn Ted’s soulmate that we fell in love with before Ted moves on. Tracy was the one we were supposed to fall in love with before Ted even met her. 


  • Breaking up Barney and Robin literally one episode after their wedding, with very little warning and trouble besides travel issues, and not even showing them try to work things out or be the amazing couple they have learned to be over the past two years
  • Lily having no real development beyond getting pregnant again - the first pregnancy was great, the second one was a welcome surprise, the third one kind of feels like there’s nothing left for Lily to do except raise kids and watch the gang split apart - completely OOC for that artistic free spirited woman who wasn’t completely ready to devote her life to motherhood
  • Watching Barney become a caricature of his former self - the playbook and womanizing was entertaining at first, but after seeing how much Barney truly grew and changed over the past seasons, seeing all that come back in one episode was just painful and unbelievable
  • The Mother getting so little screen time, when the show is literally titled after her. It was just terrible that her biggest role in tonight’s storyline was to die. Especially since she is truly one of my favorite TV characters ever. I knew there was a chance she was going to die, but even then, I refused to fully contemplate that possibility, I just wanted so badly for her and Ted to live happily ever after.
  • Breaking up the gang. I know that people grow apart as they grow older, but that’s not how the gang should have broken up. People can grow apart in happy ways too - not just because it hurts too much to continue to be friends.
  • Robin basically being an unhappy but successful workaholic with no good friends and/or family left to her. She should have had it all - a happy marriage, a fulfilling career, and a staunch group of friends ready to support her wherever she goes.
  • Barney randomly impregnating a one-night stand whose name isn’t even mentioned - and honestly, this is kind of OOC for Barney too - remember The Bracket?? He remembered the name of every single one of those girls he duped - how can he not remember the name of his daughter’s mother?! The scene with his daughter and him was very sweet, but I hate how the story led to that scene…if there was any other way to have that scene, I would have been over the moon.
  • I really wanted a Front Porch scene to end it off - just Ted finishing the story and heading out to his front porch where the Mother is waiting for him, and Marshall and Lily are already there, and Barney and Robin rush up hand in hand, just back from Venezuela or something, and they’re all old and happy together.
  • Having the entire story be about getting his children’s permission to go after Robin, when it’s been proven time and time again Ted and Robin are a bad idea, and Robin’s rejected Ted more times than I can remember, and neither of them want the same things from life, and I just don’t understand how he can want that pale little spark he had with Robin when he’s experienced such an amazing connection with The Mother, who was perfect for him in every way.

Just…no. That ending fundamentally changed what HIMYM was about. It’s supposed to be about waiting for the perfect girl and living a happy and fulfilling life with her, not about chasing the same girl for 25 years even when she continues to turn you down. And I don’t know how I’m ever going to get over it.

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ted/tracy ± their life together (THE END)

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Also David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonesca’s contracts must have been intense.

At least I have The Mindy Project tomorrow to help me forget about tonight

Now I have to prepare a fucking 30 minute presentation for tomorrow 


The writers stuck with the original ending they had since season 1 - the kids are still clearly the same age as they were in the pilot. In season 1, it would have made sense for Ted to go after Robin because he was still so in love with her. 

I’m not saying I’m not feeling … more than slightly betrayed by this move but the ending seemed to be set in stone. And up until Robin received her wedding present, Ted was convinced he was still in love with her. And I think he was a bit. 

But I wanted more time with the Mother (Tracy). I very much do think that she was the love of his life. I just think the way they handled the ending was a poor way to go about it. 

This entire season took place over a weekend. If they had spent half the season at the wedding - or 3/4 at the max, that would have been enough. The plot lines that were introduced and resolved in the last two episodes would have been much more intriguing than the filler episodes they had. 

Also, when you have an entire season revolving around a pairing’s wedding only to break them up in the penultimate episode? Not fair at all. You can’t just expect us to accept that.

We spent nine years invested in these characters. We care about what happens to them and how it affects them. Barney would have thrown himself even further into his shenanigans - which they briefly addressed through the Perfect Month.* But could you imagine what his reaction would have been when he first received the news. Robin threw herself into her work - I want to see a montage of her being a focused reporter all over the world.

Also, I fell in love with the Mother, in what little we knew about her. I wanted to see more of Ted and Tracy’s interactions. I wanted to see how the Mother getting sick affected Ted - he planned to spend a lifetime with her, what did he do when he first found out? Did he immediately search for hours to find the top doctor in New York? Did he arrange for a babysitter so he could be with her at every appointment? At one point, did he just breakdown - tell her he didn’t know what to do without her. He only just found her after what seemed like a lifetime of searching. And near the end did she tell him to move on? She knew the pain of losing the love of a lifetime. 


I understand that this was the ending all along. I just wanted more, I wanted better resolution. Back in season 1, I would have been thrilled for this ending but the show changed and the characters changed. As a result, the writing needed to change in order to bring everything back to the beginning. 



HIMYM hasn’t been my most favourite show of late but seeing the end of that episode got me all choked up

and I messaged my friend on facebook saying I felt like crying and she just sort of shrugged it off

I know I get too attached to TV (understatement of the year, yeah I’m calling it now) but when you’ve invested in a character like Ted for eight years, something’s bound to stick especially if the love of his life that he’s spent years to find is only with him for a short time

I went into this season thinking, “this show is dying, I don’t know what they are doing with it, I’m just obligated to watch it because I loved the previous seasons”
But now that it’s coming to a close, I’m a mess. I talked big. I don’t want it to end. I’ve been so emotional.

Yes, that’s exactly how I felt up until now too!! I’m just hoping that 10 years down the road it’s just a cancer scare or something. But all of the flash forwards of Ted as an old guy have shown him alone…


HIMYM hasn’t been my most favourite show of late but seeing the end of that episode got me all choked up

and I messaged my friend on facebook saying I felt like crying and she just sort of shrugged it off

I know I get too attached to TV (understatement of the year, yeah I’m calling it now) but when you’ve invested in a character like Ted for eight years, something’s bound to stick especially if the love of his life that he’s spent years to find is only with him for a short time

Shit got real on tonight’s HIMYM 

What if the woman HIMYM showed at the end of the last season isn’t the woman Ted marries but instead she’s the kids’ biological mother because Ted and the woman he marries aren’t able to have children of their own and the stories Ted’s been telling his kids these past seasons have just been a way for Ted to buy time and figure out how to tell his kids they’re adopted

there’s one person I have on facebook who’s 4.5 seasons into HIMYM and she’s complaining about not knowing who the mother is

… I guess she doesn’t keep up with TV in a timely fashion

or has been oblivious to the show for the past 8 years

Well, that hurt my heart.

"’s almost like How I Met Your Mother feels like my wife, and making movies feels like my mistress."

Josh Radnor - “Liberal Arts” interview with TheWrapNews

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